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Firm History

M. White Financial Services was formed in January 2000 by Matthew White, a practicing CPA, after recognizing that many of his tax clients were severely underserved by their existing financial services provider. Today, the firm specializes in implementing and monitoring comprehensive wealth management and transfer strategies for their clients.

Our approach is somewhat unique in that we work comprehensively with our clients’ wealth management plans because we understand that it is important to address all issues affecting one’s financial life. Every family has its own unique circumstances and we will work with you to design a plan specifically tailored to your needs. After establishing your plan, we implement the strategy then make adjustments as needed based on changes in the financial landscape or your goals and priorities.

Although each family is unique, we have found that most clients typically face several key factors which we refer to as the “Eight Wealth Management Issues.” These eight issues are so closely related that addressing them in a coordinated fashion yields far better results than addressing them separately using a number of different service providers. Therefore, we utilize a disciplined approach to proactively address and monitor them systematically.

Matthew White and his team is supported by the vast resources of H. D. Vest Investment Servicessm, our broker/dealer. H. D. Vest uses an unparalleled due diligence process and offers only non-proprietary products on an open architecture platform. This allows us to maintain independence and provide objective, non-biased advice. We maintain an extensive network of other professionals such as CPAs, attorneys and valuation specialists to assist in providing seamless services to those we accept as clients.

Best of all, our team delivers these services in a highly personalized way. We take pride in getting to know our client families and gain fulfillment and satisfaction from helping make a difference in the lives of our client families for generations to come. We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if your family can benefit from our guidance. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.